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"If Muckhart Church disappeared tomorrow, who might notice?"

Muckhart Parish Church believes that if the church disappeared it would:-

  • be a great loss of a historical body that seeks to help people understand who they are and what really matters in the great adventure of life
  • a great loss to the community of an organisation that seeks to uphold links, connections and support the groups that contribute towards making up a community in all aspects of rural community life

We continually work to make the church relevant and constructive to the community and always looking for ways to improve the profile of our church and aim to have a positive presence throughout the local community.  

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Our Work in the Community...

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Currently, members of the Church are helping out at the School during class time every week to support the teachers with academic activities.  This connection helps the School's involvement with the Church and our help provides a supplementary support which contributes towards the development and growth of both parties.  This voluntary support to the School is an example of our Church continuing to serve and help our community in an effective and constructive way.   

Muckhart Primary School has a "Golden Day" at the end of every term.  This is a special event for the children where they get to indulge in their favourite games and past times which around 8 church volunteers have the privilege of helping out with and being part of.  

Similarly, Muckhart Primary supports the Church, attending Easter, Christmas and Remembrance Services throughout the academic year.  The Minister also attends Assembly on a regular basis.  We have enjoyed various competitions and fun events together. 

Pastoral Care...

Many members of the congregation visit people in the wider community at various Nursing Homes, Hospitals or their own homes. The people that are visited are kept up to date with news of the church through visits and copies of the Church's newsletter - "Grapevine".  The Flower comittee also distributes the Church flowers after Sunday Worship, to members of the community as required.  These visits play an essential part in communication between the Church and community and recipients often remark how much they appreciate the care and support of the Church in this way.   Please let us know if you know anyone who would like, or would benefit from a visit.


Muckhart Church Fundraising provided a defribillator for the community which is located in The Coronation Hall.  A list of people to contact, annual training and regular maintenance are all organised by the church (see contacts below).  

Interim Moderator

Rev. Drew Barrie

tel. 01259 213 326



Alastair Stewart


Session Clerk:

Sheena Anderson

T:  01259 781391



Church Secretary:


Derek Munn

T:  07561 198017




David Carmichael

tel. 01259 742406


Useful Internet Links

Church of Scotland

Dollar Parish Church

Messy Church

Stirling Presbytery

Lendrick Muir

Scripture Union

Muckhart Parish Church Facebook Page

Safe Guarding Officer, Church Roll

Baby & Toddler Group

Website, Facebook, Twitter:

Fran McNicoll 

tel. 07732 232694 



Property Convener:

John Anderson 

tel. 01259 781391 




Flower Commitee:

Marylin Smith 

tel. 01259 781348 



Fundraising Co-ordinator:



Defibrillator Operator: 

John Anderson 

tel. 01259 781391